I am broken and I don’t know how to start the recovery process.

The image I have of myself is: I am lying in the fetal position with my wounds open for everyone to see. I am helpless, hopeless and I can’t get up.

This is what my abusive…

How My Narcissistic Ex Broke Me

I have spent a lot of time contemplating what got me to this place of having no self esteem and feeling broken.

I was married before, from the ages of twenty to twenty five to a Salvadorian man. Our marriage wasn’t a good one…

Her passport photo

In September, 2015 my ex asked me what I thought about him taking our then nine year old daughter to Shanghai, China with him on a business trip.

He wanted to go to the world’s largest seafood show in November. Initially, he suggested that all of us could go, but…

Lesley Kim

Former stay at home mom, starting a new life. Lives in Canada and loves reading, podcasts and learning.

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